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What We Have Learned About EHR During the Pandemic

What We Have Learned About EHR During the Pandemic

The behavioral health care industry is facing challenges now more than ever due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. With the increased demand for wrap-around services, efficient and seamless integration, and improved security, a valuable EHR is critical during this challenging time.

Effective services

Information needs to be readily available to overburdened doctors and behavioral health care staff for competence and excellence in the delivery of care. At the forefront of infection control and improving reimbursement rates, telehealth has become increasingly popular as part of the wrap-around services necessary to treat the whole person effectively. Unfortunately, barriers such as lack of technology and internet availability are still prevalent in many areas. With the right EHR platform, countless lives can be positively impacted.

Seamless integration

It is often during the most challenging of times that vulnerabilities surface. With the increased use of technology during times of isolation, and with many different platforms being used, integration became distorted. Communications were not being sent in a timely manner, if at all, and videoconferencing and client portals were bogged down and crashing. Simply put, EHR platforms are not able to keep up with increased demand. This leads to unfaithful transmissions, culminating in gaps in continuity of care. Gaps in care ultimately translate into missed opportunities in revenue cycle management and clinical outcomes.

Better security

With the demand for increased use of technology in the delivery of services, information technology departments are challenged to get EHR connectivity deployed. This increase in demand has a profound role in the susceptibility to cyberattacks. It has never been more important to ensure provider partners utilize a platform that protects not only the infrastructure but also deployment and incident management through a robust firewall with encrypted and backed up data for risk mitigation, as recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

In any setting, it is through experience where obstacles can be exposed and innovation becomes intuitive. It is best practice to consider an EHR platform that can support your organization not only where it matters most, but when it matters most.

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