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The Difference Between EHR Platforms and EHR Software

Should you treat an Electronic Health Record as an application that provides all necessary functionality out of the box, or rather as a platform that enables additional functionality? Almost anyone who has had the chance to implement, or at least demo, more than one EHR knows it is not simply an application, and there are numerous challenges that come with that assumption:

  • There is no single way all providers, even within a single organization or specialty, run their practice the same way
  • Workflows vary according to institution, specialty, state and local policies and the providers’ personal preference
  • Organizational needs differ based on many factors including available resources, IT infrastructure, and employee technical skills

Platforms provide tools designed to enable you to keep up with the dynamic and complex nature of your organization. Platforms are configurable, thus affording the adaptability to meet the ever-changing demands of your agency’s workflows within the changing landscape of healthcare.

In contrast, software-based EHRs have a harder time staying adaptable; their features are typically built on a hard-coded framework. New features in a software-based EHR can be bolted on, but there will always be a core code base that becomes outdated, needs major version updates, and spins off bugs, suggesting that software-based EHRs may lose performance over time. The biggest issue, however, is that once you have made your own customizations, you have moved away from the core code and every time you update the software, there is a risk that your customizations will no longer work and require that you make ongoing revisions as well.

Our Solution: Cx360

Core’s 2nd generation products are simple to use and built to be flexible in order to address the uniqueness of your organization. Our products’ rich “out of the box” functionality enables your organization to quickly benefit from your EHR investment and to continue to leverage the platform to meet your organization's unique and changing needs. From a financial perspective, this ‘adaptability’ ensures a better ROI on the investment you are making in an EHR. In many ways, Cx360 is more than a traditional EHR, in that it provides enterprise capabilities and is designed to be the single source for truth for all client information, regardless of the your organizations offerings or programs.



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