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The Advantages of Newer Technology: How Replacing Older EHR Technology Can Benefit Your Organization

Newer technology can create a myriad of benefits for businesses that are willing to adopt. For a small business, a technology should be evaluated on its own merits, but also for the ways its implementation will allow your business to accomplish things that are impossible with older technology. Think of cell phones, televisions, Skype, or any of the countless newer technologies in the market; what end goal did adoption of these technologies ultimately allow users to meet?

In this day in age, a cell phone is not simply a wireless landline phone; it is a device for rescheduling meetings on the fly, arranging for last minute visits and details, avoiding congested traffic, etc. This was not always the case, and companies that realized the capabilities of mobile communication and, took advantage from the start, had a unique advantage over companies that continued to organize themselves around older telephone paradigms once cell phones gained widespread use.

Similarly, Skype allows users to “keep the world talking”, as their website states, by providing a free solution for users to call, videoconference and message one another. Skype even offers a low-cost business option that makes sharing a conversation, a file, or even your screen that much easier. Technology like Skype keeps remote-staff connected and saves businesses thousands of dollars annually because of its ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

On the consumer side, newer technologies found in televisions allows for stunningly clearer pictures, larger screen sizes, reduced power consumption and even the ability to browse the internet.

Keeping these examples in mind, what end goals are you trying to achieve that have you contemplating replacing old technology such as your EHR solution?

The ability to add service lines and meet new business models.
Having one holistic view of your consumers across programs will allow you to do so.

Decrease spending.
Adopting a paperless process will eliminate the cost associated with paper and increase availability to information for all staff.

Increase staff efficiency.
Using one integrated and enterprise-wide system where information is only entered once will increase staff efficiency and allow for a stronger focus on care.

Better outcomes for your consumers.
A system that will give you the ability to easily, and securely, interface with other provider organizations as well as clients will help create better outcomes and improve the care experience for those you serve.

Ability to monitor agency progress and make better decisions.
Easy access to reports and other important information can help facilitate better decision making while keeping staff “in the know”.

These are just a few examples of what can be accomplished with newer EHR technology.

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