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SlideShare: The Importance of a Mobile EHR


Mobile technology has become a crucial part of daily life over the last decade, but only recently has mobile made waves in the healthcare industry and worked its way into the electronic health records (EHR) space. Mobile devices carry a sizable advantage over traditional stationary computers, serving communication purposes and offering access to information systems, clinical applications and necessary reference materials and resources. All of this is invaluable, especially for those whose professions require mobility to execute daily functions.

This is why EHRs must offer mobile access for their users. A friendly, customizable mobile interface is a major factor in facilitating the meaningful use of EHR systems and in encouraging widespread EHR adoption. View our latest SlideShare on the importance of a mobile EHR experience to learn more about why it’s changing the ecosystem of mobile health.

This free online presentation provides insight into the many important benefits of mobile EHRs, including:

  • Greater accessibility for off-site users;
  • Enhanced communication and coordination;
  • Expanded service delivery;
  • And other valuable benefits!

View the SlideShare now to understand how mobile EHR technology is helping patients, clinicians and other key user groups.

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