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I/DD Video Series: Establishing an Interdependent Mindset


How much do you know about care collaboration in today’s value-based market? This is part one of a 4-part series focusing on the I/DD landscape and featuring footage from the presentation, “The Next Generation of Care Collaboration.” Shown at the 2016 OPEN MINDS Strategy & Innovation Institute in Clearwater, Florida, this presentation was given by Core Solutions CEO Ravi Ganesan and Deloitte Consulting Senior Manager Adam Bauer.

One key element of today’s growing value-based market is the interconnected nature of successful businesses and organizations in the field of I/DD. The collaboration fostered through these relationships is what unites smaller efforts to bring about big change. In the video below, Core Solutions CEO Ravi Ganesan speaks about the popular concept of interdependency, which illustrates the path of these collaborators until they achieve the highest level of organizational maturity.

The Maturity Continuum

The continuum Ravi speaks about in his presentation shows how individuals, businesses and their leaders grow and mature from dependency to independency and eventually to a state of interdependency. This evolved state sheds a level of ignorance to allow communities the chance to look beyond their small circle and begin working toward a collective effort through collaboration in the healthcare space.

But how exactly can organizations and their leaders achieve this invaluable mindset and why is it so vital to value-based growth?

Watch the full video below to hear Ravi Ganesan explain this important concept in his own words.



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