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Is your EHR moving you toward becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise?


It might be a trendy buzzword, but becoming "data-driven" is growing increasingly important for healthcare providers. Proper application of data analytics can reduce overall expenses while helping improve patient care.

But what does it take to become a data-driven enterprise? And is your EHR being used effectively to bring your organization to the future of data analytics?

The challenges of data collection
There is more to EHR than just collecting the data. Organizations can have a vast wealth of electronic patient health records, but without a centralized data source it's hard to get an accurate picture of a patient's health.

The more data that is collected, the harder it becomes to make sense of it. It's important to have technology that can analyze data and provide meaningful reports.

EHR needs to be secure. Patient records need to be easily accessed while ensuring that they are kept private and follow the HIPAA regulations.


Finding the best EHR software
Here's what to look for in finding the best EHR software solutions:

  • Easy to use interface. If your employees struggle at using the software, your organization will suffer from lower productivity and a higher chance of errors. Also, a speedy check-in process goes a long way toward contributing to patient satisfaction.
  • Easy to configure. Each organization has unique needs and you want a software that can have the flexibility to meet yours.
  • Easy to access. When a provider walks into a patient room, you want them to be able to quickly see the patient's history, helping them to meet their needs and having a targeted treatment plan.

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